Why join my team?

Are you earning what you want? Can you keep up with the rising cost of:

  • Health Care?
  • Energy prices?
  • A good education?
  • Cost of retirement? (if you even CAN retire!)
Are you spending more and making less? You can’t afford to sit back and wait for things to change. To plan for your future, you must take action.

SeneGence can help you take control of your earning potential and ensure the lifestyle you deserve. The SeneGence Opportunity provides you with avenues to take control of your financial freedom and live life as it was intended.

Discover your destiny with the

SeneGence Opportunity

A lifestyle once dreamed is now a reality at your fingertips. SeneGence supports you with ways to earn:

  • 20-100% profit on product ordered
  • Downline commissions up to 30%
  • 1st level group sales bonus - 10%
  • No breakage!
  • Unlimited compression
  • Cadillac incentive program
  • “Build-a-Business” bonus
  • Customer Direct online sales earnings
  • Personalized emails to your customers promoting your products
  • Travel opportunities
  • Incentive programs

You are rewarded for personal sales and sales from Distributors in your organization.

SeneGence Distributors can earn both part-time and significant full-time incomes.

Join us at SeneGence where our cosmetics and SkinCare are clinically tested by independent labs. Proven and guaranteed. Start changing your financial future today, and in the process make your skin healthy and beautiful.

SeneGence has one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry, and a business strategy that can put considerable dollars in your pocket your very first month.

Take the next step toward your dream.

SeneGence is a company for all women, built on a vision of one woman. Joni Rogers-Kante had a vision to create an international company where women could achieve their dreams and fulfill whatever destiny they chose.

In 1999, Joni started SeneGence International and ever since it has been an international leader in the cosmetics industry with millions of satisfied customers globally.

SeneGence is the premier cosmetics company with the patented technology of long-lasting lip color: LipSense. Today, there is so much more!