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Long Lasting Lipstick - Lipsense Lipstick

LipSense started the long lasting lipstick revolution. LipSense by SeneGence International was the first or "premier" long lasting lipstick on the market. Many have tried to copy LipSense but none can match the thin, non-drying formula. It is the only long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips. That's why LipSense is absolutely the best, the number one long lasting lipstick available. Celebrities such a Christina Aguilera are devoted LipSense fans.

If you have never tried LipSense before, you need to purchase the LipSense "Collection" found by clicking on the "Discounts" tab above. You will choose one LipSense long lasting lipstick, one LipSense Moisturizing Gloss, and receive one Ooops! Remover. Why do you need all three?

LipSense is applied from one corner of the lips to the other in a smooth, thin layer of color that adheres to your lips immediately. That's great because LipSense stays where you put it! The remover is great for those Ooops! moments when you get LipSense outside the lines. There is no wax or oil in LipSense long lasting lipstick so it won't smudge or smear. There is no moisture in the color itself. That's why it adheres so well. Therefore, you apply the special formula LipSense Moisturizing Gloss on top. LipSense gloss is made to penetrate the color and deep condition your lips. New users find they need to reapply the gloss numerous times to build up the moisture content in their lips. Your lips will actually become more soft and supple from the shea butter and Vitamin E in the LipSense Gloss and you will require less gloss over time.

Use three layers of LipSense letting it dry for a mere10 seconds between each layer. Do NOT rub your lips together between layers. Then apply the gloss on top of LipSense rubbing generously because the color is set now and will not smudge. Most customers find they like to have a second lip gloss in their purse to be able to apply as needed. Your lips will tell you when the gloss has soaked in deep. Do NOT think your lips dried out. The gloss merely soaked in leaving layers of dry lip above. (Remember, you have to use your gloss liberally during the first two weeks to build up your lip's moisture content) You may order additional LipSense colors and glosses individually. First time customers of LipSense long lasting lipstick may view the video application instructions under the "LipSense" tab above to guarantee maximum results.

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